2014, The year of many beginnings.

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This is a few days overdue for a 'Year in Review' type post, whoops! 
But never the less,  this is the time I love looking back at what has happened in the last year and to look back at what I have or perhaps haven't yet achieved. 

I would have to say that 2014 would definitely be a huge year for Steve and I. We've made dreams come true that we thought were impossible just the year before. This is the year our Photo Booth business boomed and became more real. This is the year I became my own boss and earned enough to support myself. This is the year I have had the pleasure of being a part of one of my longest friend's beautiful wedding. And this is the year Steve and I bought our first home together! I am so happy to have loved, been loved and witnessed love in my 2014.

This year, I have also been so fortunate to have had business with such amazing clients through the Photo Booth, 3 Oceans Winery, web design and photographic work. Running my own business is one of the most challenging and rewarding things I have ever done and I really do feel that even the worst days of working for myself, has been better than the best day working for someone else. I'd like to thank all my clients (and some now new friends) for their support, trust and kindness and hope that every year I will be gifted with clients like you!

My year has been filled with big adventures, new friendships and plenty of laughter. I am so grateful for each and everyone that has supported me and brought so much joy to my 2014. Here's to even bigger, better and wondrous things in 2015!

The below images are a collection of some of my favourite moments and projects over the past year!
These moments include Brittany & Jason's wedding, my first trip to Melbourne, my first new car, entertainment in our home, my twenty-first birthday, my brother's 18th and many other unforgettable times with my friends and family. My work /projects includes website designs (www.becauseimhype.com and www.breazethrough.com.au),
 wine labels, ads in the SCOOP magazine, campaign photo shoots, a billboard and photo shoots with beautiful people/models.

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