Family Photo Session

Had a beautiful photo session with this little family the other week! This photo session was suppose to be with the little bubba and his 4 cousins but unfortunately not all of them could make it, so we decided to just do a small family one - and it turned out great! They were so loving and happy  and made my job so much more easier and enjoyable! :)

This was my first time using this lens (100mm L macro) and I absolutely loved it! This lens allowed me to blur out the background but still be able to focus on everyone’s faces! I had to stand a bit further than usual - but this was great because I wasn’t ‘in your face’ with the lens and the family can feel more comfortable in their own space. Although, I was quite tired afterwards from all the running backwards!

Overall, the shoot went smoothly and I was able to capture some wonderful moments in a beautiful park with a beautiful family! And here is the behind the scenes of the photo session for you all to view! Videoed by my brother, Maverick Lam.