Brittany Hancock

Some photos I shot of the gorgeous Brittany for her modelling portfolio. She’s got one of the most bubbliest and beautiful personality/look and it was such a pleasure photographing this girl! The photos journey through from the bedroom, to the balcony, to the streets, to the 'jungle' then end up on the beach - all in one day! This was actually a reshoot of her portfolio due to a bit of a hiccup (where I lost all the images from our first shoot!!! NEVER AGAIN!) but it turned out for the best since Brittany says she's happy to have been able look back at what pose/style did and didn’t work for her. We had good shots in the first shoot, but we totally nailed it at our re-shoot for sure! 

Danielle was able to come along with us and help direct Brittany with her poses and styling - what will I do without her?! And Reece never fails to amaze us with his quick, effortless and stunning hairstyles for each new look we shot. I love my team and can’t wait for many more shoots to come! 

Photographs: Merlina Lam
Model: Brittany Hancock
Make-up: Brittany Hancock
Hair: Reece Vander Velde
Stylist: Danielle Collis

“Sometimes the most ordinary things could be made extraordinary simply by doing them with the right people” - Nicholas Sparks

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