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Haven't posted in quite some time! This will be a quick post as I still don't have time and I'm just SUPER busy at the moment! Having photo shoots, photo editing, graphic design jobs and work experience has definitely kept me occupied! And I'm still looking for a full time job?! haha.

A part of all the other things that are keeping me occupied, there is also Steve and my new photo booth business called Perth Open Photo Booth. We only just started in August this year and am so pleased and surprised at how fast we have been making bookings! We've been booking events such as weddings, birthdays, holiday parties, work functions and even a baby shower! We can never get bored of this job - thats for sure!

The events we've done so far have been so fun & funny! It's a laugh watching the guests trying to change props in between shots (4 photos that are 5 seconds apart) and I personally think that the rush is half the fun! The other half is being able to see yourself in the screen and laughing at everyone else's poses, especially afterwards when looking at the photo strips. I have also found that our booth is good for even a small quick family portrait shoot! Because we have a DSLR camera and studio lighting inside the booth, all the images look professional and high quality so the families are actually able to purchase the photos after the event for printing and framing.

Almost every week we are improving our booth further and we're so excited for the new features we will be adding in the future! Our newest feature is our Social Media Kiosk - which is a station where we have an iPad for guests to share their photos in real-time on to Facebook, Twitter and email. The photo's streams onto the iPad (depending on internet speed) after each shot taken on the booth. This is just a quick and easy way for the guests that want to share the photos while in the moment!

I have also just created our new logo for the Perth Open Photo Booth and my brother has just created a Promo Video for the booth too! So check them out and let me know what you think! 

This post turned out a little longer than planned but that's it for now folks! Tune in soon as I will be posting my most recent photo shoots with models, couples & new borns along with posts of my design jobs! Can't wait to share more with you!

Many thanks for reading!
ML x

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Promo Video filmed and edited by Maverick Lam 

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