So it was my 21st Birthday Party last weekend! My birthday was on the 3rd of April but since I had work and other things going on, had to do it the week later - thank goodness for that though! Been too busy with work that I've had to pretty much organise the whole party within 3 days before the night. Could not have done it without Steve and my mum though! According to Steve, I was a birthdayzilla (which I think isn't true haha) so I promised him no more parties til my 30th -which he still wasn't happy about...

My birthday theme was 1950's Fair and so we had live music, food stalls, my Perth Open Photo Booth and a few games including a 'test your strength' game that went 5 meters high! We only had 1 person get to 100 (with a anticlimax winning bell) - which of course was my body building friend Max! I'm so happy that everybody dressed up and just looked the part! I had a beautiful night with my beautiful friends and I couldn't thank everyone enough for leaving such wonderful memories!

Special thanks to Steve for being my everything and doing everything, my mum for help making everything happen, Marcia, Sophie, Sam, James and Wayne for the food prep help and Steve's parents for letting my friends and party into their home!

Here are some snaps from the party, enjoy!

Invitations I designed and printed

Setup Photos - Taken by my dear Samantha Panciera and edited by myself >
Some Photos include: 
Homemade Photobooth Backdrop
Homecooked Elephant cookies
DIY Swingchair Inspired Setup
Homemade Toffee Apples

Party Photos - Photos Taken by Mary Parker Photography>

Compilation video of photos from my Perth Open Photo Booth (watch in HD)>

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