Perth Open Photo Booth (or POPbooth for short)

Started in August 2013, with the first booth made out of just Ikea furniture, cable ties and corflute...but don't worry we have upgraded since then!

We have two modern, open-styled booths designed by us and built right here in Perth. So, it's one of a kind!

We like to always stay in trend but also be a little unique to everyone else. Our #1 priority is to have the best service/experience, then quality, and then style!



We aim to provide the highest service by listening to our clients and helping them get close to what they are after - or better!

We also want them to have the best experience in not only the event itself, but in the organising phase and post-event. We try to ensure that booking with us is easy, friendly + personalised because who wants to talk to a robot?



Quality is controlled in not only our services, but also our equipment, props and tech.

The equipment's quality is super important to us as we want the best for our clients/guests.

We try to keep up to date with having the highest quality camera, fast computer system and up-to-date printer.

Being a photo-based business, ...



We like to keep up to date with all trends in our style of booth, branding, props and social media. We know that our clients deserve a stylish photo booth that attracts everyone!

When our booths were being designed, we wanted to make sure they were simple, easy to use, and just plain good-lookin'!

The props in our collection are not your typical, dorky props like oversized sunglasses, wigs and toys (unless this is what you want, then of course, we're more than happy to provide!) Our collection is mostly made by our graphic designing girl boss or sourced from the latest trends so it's always current!