The admission tickets are custom designed with informative content (such as: Booth operating hours, where to find the images after the event, secure gallery’s password and how to use the ticket) along with the same personally design feature from the photo strips which makes it a great keepsake for guests to remember the night too!

These can be given to your guests to encourage them to take pictures in Perth Open Photo Booth and also allows you to make sure that everyone has a fair go and no-one 'hogs' the booth all day/night!

Depending on the number of guests, you can give them (e.g.) 3 admissions on 1 ticket per person (only 1 ticket required per group photo) - which they can use or can also give them away during the night.

Admission tickets are also a great way of ensuring everyone gets their own prints, as only up to 2 photo strips print out, we can just hand it to the person who used their ticket for that go! This way, no one will go home empty handed!

$30 for the first 100 tickets
0.20c per ticket after
*minimum order $30.